Greater Triangle Area Chapter

North Carolina

We strive to share the pride & love we have for Virginia State University across the Triangle & surrounding areas. Greater Triangle Area Chapter supports the primary goal of the VSUAA, which is to help promote and advance the interests of Virginia State University: to foster life-long relationships between the University and its alumni: and to promote the interaction of alumni with each other.

Latest Posts

Leadership Service Plaques Presented

After the Zoom Chapter Meeting on June 26, 2022, GTAC (NC) Members Orlando Conner, Shardae’ Holmes, Timothy James, and Edward Busch, III, who were ongoing officers, were presented certificate plaques for their service in his/her respective chapter office.

2021-2022 GTAC Alumna Of The Year

At the June 2022 GTAC (NC) Chapter Meeting, GTAC (NC) Member Vivian Lewis, was presented a certificate plaque in recognition of her selection as our 2021-2022 GTAC (NC) Alumna of the Year

Paraphernalia And Certificate Plaque Distribution

After the Zoom Chapter Meeting on June 26, 2022, GTAC (NC) Members Timothy James, Dennis Snead, Vivian Lewis, and Edward Busch, III drove to Durham, NC to obtain GTAC (NC) paraphernalia and certificate plaques for distribution to various chapter members.


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