In the Summer of 2015, it was all just an idea exchanged amongst fellow Alumni (Anita Jackson, David Mason Jr., and Eric Owens) that developed into an interest meeting of over fifteen Trojans in attendance, held at the Hasentree Club House in Wake Forest, NC.  during the Fall of October 2015.

Readily, eighteen Alumni responded to the call and votes were cast. A charter request was then submitted to Virginia State University’s National Alumni Association. On February 20, 2016, The Greater Triangle Area (NC) Chapter was duly chartered and Articles of Incorporation from the state of North Carolina were received. 

“We strive to share the pride & love we have for Virginia State University across the Triangle & surrounding areas.”  

Charter Members of the Greater Triangle Area (NC)Chapter, Inc.

Anita Jackson, Cassandra Smith, David Mason Jr., Dennis Snead, Edward Busch, Eric Owens, E. Beaumont Hansen, Faye Watkins, Herlene Thomas, Iris Layne (Life Member), Keonte Edmonds, Koren Underdue-Bowman, Michael Eley, Michael Wesson II, Nicole Francis Mason, Orlando Conner, Randolph Harrison, Vivian Lewis, & Zatella Conner.

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