VSUAA-GTAC Standing Committees


  • design and develop plans to increase and maintain members
  • along with secretary, jointly maintain an accurate chapter roster


  • responsible for planning and promoting fundraising projects to meet Association goals for the fiscal year
  • establish and present timelines and budgets for proposed activities to the Association


  • responsible for developing and or engaging in activities recruiting students to Virginia State University
  • develop and review scholarship plans for incoming and current students from the chapter service area
  • adhere to parameters/legibility guidelines for scholarship/grants based on funding guidelines for annual and four scholarships


  • receive proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws for the chapter
  • propose recommendations as needed to the Executive board with justification
  • adopted revisions will be finalized annually
  • establish guidelines and timelines for submission of changes to chapter governing documents
  • upon review proposed changes will be made available for financial members to review and respond based on established timeline before being brought forth for vote by the body


  • shall be responsible for preparing and submitting a budget to the chapter annually for approval
  • the committee shall review budget status quarterly and recommend adjustments as needed to the Executive board and body


  • Shall establish and manage community outreach efforts for the chapter
  • Identify opportunities and interest in community projects
  • Work cohesively with membership to develop efforts to ensure overall coordination of community initiatives
  • Develop and implement short-term and long-term strategies
  • Identify professionals that can support and nourish the community outreach program
  • Serve as the chapter’s representative
  • Communicate volunteer opportunities to chapter members and submit newsletter articles about the Outreach program

Public Relations/ Social Media Committee 

  • Shall produce and promote Internet- based materials and resources to better showcase the mission, objectives, and activities of our chapter and university.
  1.  Promote Content: Identify and/or create material that chapter membership and the public will find relevant and interesting. 
  2. Promote Content: Distribute materials/resources along channels that will get them noticed.
  • Shall post updates, good news, fundraisers and links about our chapter as well as the University , when applicable.

The service area will encompass Wake County, Durham County, & surrounding locales.

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