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Parade for VSU recruit Logan Harper

On June 6, 2020, twenty members of the chapter, along with ten other GTAC family members, assembled and conducted a surprise graduation drive-by parade for our first chapter recruited student, Logan Harper. The subdivision in which Logan lives was suddenly taken over as the 18 vehicles,  adoring our chapter car flags, honked horns throughout the subdivision as we approached Logan;s house. Each vehicle stopped in front of his house, offering congratulations and presenting him with cards, gifts, and a total of 44 balloons ( 20 orange balloons representing his high school graduation year and 24 blue balloons, representing the year he will graduate from VSU). Incidentally, each balloon had money in it prepared by our chapter’s Parliamentarian, Cicily Marsh. Member Vivian Lewis made and presented orange and blue face masks to each member,  not only for protection, but to heighten  our Trojan Spirit. As we passed in review, the huge Virginia State University flag could be seen hanging on the porch so proudly.

Chapter members participating in the celebratory parade were: Timothy James; Percell Anderson; Faye Watkins; Chiquita Hicks Moore; Korean Underdue Bowman;Tia Conner; Orlando Conner; Zatella Conner; Anita Jackson; Cicily Marsh; Rhonda Holley-Shanks;Sybil Ingram-Henson;Deanna Lewis;Vivian Lewis;Eric Owens; Edward Busch; Mikela Dockery; Sherman Faison; Geraldine Harris- Holloway; Dennis Snead.

VSUAA-GTAC(NC) makes that (V) State before we begin the graduation parade for Logan.


Before a parade …there”s preparation by VSUAA- GTAC(NC) Parlamentarian Cicily Cicily G. Marsh blowing 20 orange and 24 balloons.20 for the year Logan finished high school 24 for the year he will finish college. She also put money in each balloon. The balloons were given to Logan as by each chapter member as they drove by and stopped at the graduation stage at his home.


VSUAA-GTAC(NC)——–TROJAN PROUD——-Take at look at those ORANGE and BLUE face masks that our VIVIAN LEWIS fixed for all Trojan parade participants. Timothy James’ orange truck provided the perfect backdrop for our after parade group picture.

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