VSUAA-GTAC (NC) Held Chapter Summer Social

The VSUAA-GTAC(NC) Membership Committee held a Zoom Social for Sunday, August 2, 2020 for the chapter. Membership Committee members include Edward Busch, Faye Watkins, Vivian Lewis, Chiquita Hicks- Moore, Geraldine Haris Holloway, Keonte’ Edmonds, Percell Anderson, and Teri Holloway. The Zoom Social  included games, awards, dance, and DJEZHUTCH (Michael Hutchins). Percell Anderson served as the event’s host and Immediate Past President provided the purpose and closing remarks. Chapter Chaplain Edward Busch provided the prayer for the occasion, which was followed by introductions of members and guests. Chiquta Hicks- Moore served as the game host for “VSU Trivia which was won by Keonte” Edmonds.  Faye Watkins and Teri- Holloway designed the Treasure Hunt  Game with Faye Wakins serving as the game host. The winner of the Treasure Hunt was Lakisha Vann. Vivian Lewis served as game host for Name That Tune and the winners for that game were the following:Lakisha Vann- First Place: Venisha Bowler and Anita Jackson- Second Place Tie; Edward Busch- Third Place. Chapter Parliamentarian, Cicily Marsh introduced DDJEZHUTCH.

DDJEZHUTCH took us on a musical journey from the 1960s to present.  DDJEZHUTCH attended VSC/VSU from 1977 to 1980 and played saxophone in the university band. He is native of Petersburg, VA and currently resides in Fayetteville, Nc. 

 Some of his accolades are as follows:

  • DJ EZ-HUTCH has been DJing for over (Forty) 40 years, from all sized venues around the world from the Republic of Korea to Hawaii to Germany and throughout the United States. 
  •  Has DJ’d for such artists as The Temptations, the Manhattans, Mel Waiters, Sir Charles, and Shirly Brown. 
  • Voted DJ of the Year in 2001 By Frankie “Smokehouse” Wiggins, (CEO Triangle Record Pool/ Sound Connections) Raleigh, Nc. Also Produced several mixed tapes for Interscope Records. 
  •  Has His own Radio Station 
  •  Has produced syndicated shows for The Steve Harvey Show and The Michael Baisden Show and Produced his own show called The EZ Sunday show. 
  • Has produced radio mix shows for WCCG 104.5FM and WUKS 107.7FM
  • Has been J. Anthony Brown’s DJ Since October 2010, and also DJ’d  for Rickey Smiley at The Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC).

On behalf of the chapter, President Dennis M. Snead presented awards of leadership and/or appreciation to Anita Jackson, Faye Watkins, Orlando Conner, and Lori- Ford-Taylor

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