GTAC (NC) Members serve as Coaches in IBM Accelerate Program

GTAC (NC) Members Edward Busch and Mikela Jackson are coaches for the 2021 IBM Accelerate Program (previously known as Blue Movement). IBM Accelerate is designed to expose students to market valuable skills that demonstrate expertise and enhance future employability through this 8-week program. This is an unpaid experience that is designed to attract undergraduate students from all schools. Those who self-identify with a group that is historically underrepresented in the technology industry, including Black, Hispanic/Latinx and Native American are especially encouraged to apply. The 2021 program runs June 7th – July 28th, 2021. 

As coaches, they are assigned a small group of 7-10 students and are responsible to monitor their interactions with their team during breakout sessions. They are also responsible for meeting with them weekly for guidance, advice, and accountability. Within Mikela’s assigned group, is a VSU student.  Pictured is GTAC (NC) Member Edward Busch with his assigned group participants during a weekly ZOOM meeting.

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