GTAC (NC) Member Timothy James Takes GTAC (NC) Outreach Globally

During GTAC (NC) Member Timothy James’ family trip to Belize, he continued his desire to donate children’s books which were written by his wife to school libraries. This time he provided books to Miss Bertie’s Hopkins Community Library.

Miss Bertie’s Hopkins Community Library was established in 2008 by the U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Bertie Lee Murphy. She became a Peace Corps Volunteer in June 2007, following a distinguished career in both the corporate world and in public service. Bertie was a vivacious and dedicated member of the Peace Corps family and served with distinction as an Education Volunteer in Belize, where she was an elementary education teacher-trainer in the southern village of Hopkins. Universally loved and respected, Bertie had recently repurposed a local building into a library filled with personal and donated books.

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