Fundraising Events

Seven Springs Farm and Vineyard Visit

On July 17, 2021, Cicily Marsh GTAC (NC) Fundraising Chairperson, Dennis Snead, GTAC (NC) President, along with GTAC (NC) Member Chiquita Hicks Moore and Chiquita’s husband traveled to Seven Springs Farm and Vineyard in Norlina, NC to look at the site for a possible 2021-2022 fundraiser. While there Dennis Snead talked to Jamal Williams (Director of Event Operations, who was a student at Warren County Middle School when Dennis was an Assistant Principal. The conversation between the two produced a most positive proposal, which Jamal presented to the GTAC (NC) members who were present. Pictured in the picture: Dennis Snead; Jamal Williams; Cicily Marsh; Chiquita Hicks Moore.

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