Venison Bowler: Invisible Woman In Sports.

Congratulations to GTAC (NC) Member Venisha Bowler. Please tune in and listen, if possible. The episode will be on anyone like to listen.

She has been invited by the Institute of Sport and Social Justice to be a part of a webinar series entitled Invisible Women in Sport, “Invisible Women In Sport webinar series is a discussion, an opportunity and a celebration of women leaders in sports. We will discuss the pathways and challenges that women have had to overcome, and explore their unique journeys through sport”. She has been invited to be a guest on the December 2 episode. The majority of the guests have been women of color in various sport administration fields. The MCs of the podcast are led by student athletes. This is an opportunity for me to also showcase Special Olympics and also my toot my horn from being from an HBCU. Previous guests from last year included Peggy Davis (VSU) and Jacqie McWilliams (CIAA).

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