VSUAA-GTAC 2022 Alumni Weekend Events!

GTAC (NC) Members Cicily G. Marsh, Gayle Rowell, Shardaé Holmes, and Dennis Snead attended the Trojan Welcome Back Barbecue at the President’s House on May 12, 2022, during Alumni Weekend

GTAC (NC) Members Gayle Rowell, Dennis Snead, Shardaé Holmes, and Cicily Marsh attended to first of two VSUAA Board Meetings on May 12, 2022, during Alumni Weekend. Also, GTAC (NC) Member Vivian Lewis attended virtually.

On May 13, 2022, GTAC (NC) Members Dennis Snead, Chiquita Hicks- Moore, Cicily Marsh, and Gayle Rowell reserved a table for the Sunset Above the Appomattox in the name of GTAC(NC). The event was sponsored by the VSU Trojan Explosion Boosters. and attended the event. Chiquita’s husband, Charles Moore, attended the event also. Starrie and Dee Jordan of the Petersburg Chapter were guests of GTAC (NC) for the evening.

On May 14, 2022, GTAC (NC) Members Cicily Marsh, Dennis Snead, and Fran Crute served as volunteers for the 2022 Spring VSU Commencement.

Shown in the pictures: 1. Fran and Dennis waited patiently in the Welcome Center for the announcement to report to the assigned area. 2. Cicily and Dennis passed out programs.

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