Reasons To Join

1. Membership into the Virginia State University Alumni Association-GTAC is one of the best ways to maintain a lifelong connection in giving back to our beloved Alma Mater with contributions from members in the local area.

2.   Membership provides a sense of honor and privilege of giving back to an institution that granted so much to you as a student. 

3.   Joining the Association is a great networking resource, both personally and professionally.

4.   Membership provides a platform in directing Alumni to local chapter’s, ultimately assisting in the future of the University. 

5.   Joining the Association provides an opportunity in recruiting top students to the University while working jointly with the Office of Admissions. 

6.   Membership provides a long term connection with Alumni relations. Notifications of current events, University updates, and other important happenings are communicated from the National Chapter Association and the University. 

7.   Joining the Association will provide a sense of unity, accomplishment, and pride in efforts to remain connected with fellow Alumni and the University. 

8.   The Association promotes Alumni events through its local chapters for enjoyment and involvement.

9.   Joining the Association provides the opportunity to receive recognition of awards such as the prestigious Alumnus of the Year, Chapter of the Year, President of the Year, and Board Member of the Year. 

10.  Joining the Association provides marketing provisions in efforts to increase enrollment to Virginia State University. Alumni involvement enhances the value of  Virginia State University by maintaining the legacy as the strongest historically black institution.

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